Te Manawa Treatments

Each session is unique and tailored to the individual using beautiful high quality organic oils and products sourced from New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.

Therapeutic Massage

Also referred to as remedial or deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage uses a range of techniques that work with soft tissue and connective tissues of the body, addressing specific muscles or muscle groups associated with dysfunction, imbalance, injury, or chronic pain. A therapeutic session is tailored to suit each individual’s needs.

Myofascial Release Therapy


Myofascial Release Therapy is a safe and highly effective form of soft tissue hands-on treatment that works with the fascial system of the body. It works to release restrictions in the fascia helping to create space, decompress areas and improve glide-ability of the muscles and structures which all enhances movement and functionality in the body.

Fascia – a form of connective tissue - is a single, uninterrupted web, like a giant sheet, that surrounds, connects and interlaces everything in the entire body. The fascia that covers the muscles is called myofascia, and wraps around every muscle fibre, bundle, the entire muscle and also every muscle group.

This technique is done without oil – the practitioner’s hands sink into the body and engages with the fascia, and with slow movement stretches the fascia. The nature and feel of the treatment allows the client to relax whilst still working at a deep level if required.

MFR can be helpful if you are experiencing, but not limited to: Chronic pain, Postural stress, Musculoskeletal tension, High levels of stress, Loss of flexibility or function after injury, Repetitive strain injury, Whiplash, TMJ, Headaches.It helps to relieve pain and motion restriction and is ideal for muscles that feel tight and won’t release.

Oncology Massage - Massage for Cancer

Oncology massage is a specialised form of massage that is nurturing, gentle and safe for anyone experiencing cancer.  It is a highly individualised treatment designed to support people at any stage of the cancer journey: before, during, and after treatment.  Benefits can include improved relaxation, sleep and immune function, as well as helping to reduce anxiety, pain, fatigue and nausea.  The overall goal being to promote a state of wellbeing and relaxation.

For more information about massage for cancer please visit The Society for Oncology Massage: http://www.s4om.org/oncology-massage-overview

Te Manawa Wellness Massage


This is a smooth flowing style that helps reduce stress and or trauma, improve circulation, eases and tones muscles, and provides the deep relaxation that allows our minds and bodies to recharge and rejuvenate.

Designed to suit you, this treatment can be of light, medium or firm pressure.  It is also a style well suited to those who may be dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma or grief.

Organic Holistic Facials

Te Manawa signature facial that weaves Maori and South Pacific cultural practices connected to the elements combined with effective facial massage therapy techniques and beautiful hand blended organic facial oils and activating Manuka honey.  This 60 minute treatment brightens and nourishes both the skin and the soul.  Honouring the natural beauty that you are.

Pregnancy Massage


Suitable for mothers-to-be in their second or third trimester.

this specialised treatment is applied in the safe and comfortable side lying position with plenty of support and comfort for both mother and baby.